About the Commission

The Wetumpka Planning Commission was created by an ordinance of the City Council on April 20, 1950, as authorized by Section 11-52-2 Code of Alabama 1975. The Commission and is responsible for preparing a plan for the city, adopting regulations concerning the subdivision of land and standards for required infrastructure improvements, and advising the City Council on zoning districts and the permitting of conditional uses.

The first work of the Commission included signing a contract with the State Planning Board for assistance in completing a study of major streets, traffic, and preparation of subdivision regulations. According to Elizabeth Porter’s A History of Wetumpka, Mrs. W.A. Edwards had the honor of being the first woman in the State of Alabama to be chairman of a municipal planning commission.

The Commission consists of six volunteer members appointed to staggered six-year terms, the mayor or his representative, a council member, and an administrative official of the city.

The current members of the planning commission are:


PositionNameTerm End
Place 1Clyde BaileyNovember 2023
Place 2Jim ForresterNovember 2024
Place 3Ed DykesNovember 2019
Place 4Jaynne D. GilbertNovember 2020
Place 5Justin EdwardsNovember 2021
Place 6Jamnes HamnerNovember 2022
Mayor/Mayor’s RepresentativeJohan Beumer (Chairman)November 2020
Council RepresentativeLynnes JustissNovember 2020
Administration RepresentativeJ. David Robison, Planning and Program DirectorNovember 2020


The Planning Commission meets in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 212 South Main Street, at 5:30 p.m on the second Monday of every month except on holidays observed by the city. See the calendar for rescheduled dates.

Guiding Documents


Act 2009-498To amend Section 11-52-30 of the Code of Alabama 1975, relating to the territorial jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission outside of the corporate limits of the municipality; to provide a procedure by which a municipal planning commission may establish a planning jurisdiction which extends less than five miles from the corporate limits of the municipality.Guiding Document
Act No. 2012-297To amend Sections 11-52-1, 11-52-30, 11-52-31, 11-52-32, and 11-52-33, Code of Alabama 1975, to provide for the county commission to be responsible for the development of subdivisions in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission if the county has adopted subdivision regulations unless an agreement is executed between the county, the municipal planning commission, and the municipality to provide for the municipal planning commission to be responsible for subdivision development or unless the municipality and the municipal planning commission under certain conditions specifically vote to override the county’s exercise of jurisdiction; to provide that when the municipal planning commission is responsible for the development of subdivisions, the county engineer would certify the plats and maps for filing once approved by the municipal planning commission; and to repeal Sections 11-24-5 and 11-52-36, Code of Alabama 1975.Guiding Document
Act No. 2014-332To amend Section 11-52-33, Code of Alabama 1975, relating to municipal subdivision development; to provide that nothing in the section shall impair or limit a valid and enforceable contract for the purchase or sale of any lot in a proposed subdivision within the jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission; and to add a new Section 11-24-2.1 to the Code of Alabama 1975, to allow the county engineer to authorize the developer to secure pre-sale agreements for a proposed subdivision development in the unincorporated areas of the county under certain circumstances.Guiding Document
BylawsBylaws of the Wetumpka Planning Commission.Guiding Document
Flood Damage Prevention OrdinanceRequires that uses vulnerable to floods, including facilities which serve such uses, be protected against flood damage at the time of initial construction; restricts or prohibit uses which are dangerous to health, safety and property due to water or erosion hazards, or which increase flood heights, velocities, or erosion; controls filling, grading, dredging and other development which may increase flood damage or erosion, and; prevents or regulate the construction of flood barriers which will unnaturally divert flood waters or which may increase flood hazards to other lands.Guiding Document
Ordinace 99-4Zoning Ordinance of Wetumpka, ALGuiding Document
Ordinance 2001-8Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance (99-4) that establishes criteria for landscaping off-street parking areas.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2012-14Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance allowing billboards only in districts B-1, B-2, M-1, and M-2.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2013-9Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance affecting the definition of “building height,” the maximum building heights in each district, and districts in which assisted living facilities are allowed.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2014-1Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance involving off-street parking requirements for residential districts.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2014-3Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (99-4) that establishes distance requirements for deferred presentment services, pawnshops, and sexually-oriented businesses.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2017-7Ordinance adopting Building and Fire Codes.Guiding Document
Ordinance April 20, 1950An Ordinance to Provide for the Establishment and Maintenance of a Municipal Planning Commission for the City of Wetumpka, Alabama, and to Prescribe its Power and AuthorityGuiding Document
Strategic PlanStrategic Plan for the Wetumpka Planning CommissionGuiding Document


Master Plan for the Elmore County Trail of LegendsPrepared by the Central Alabama Planning and Development Commission in 1997 using federal transportation funding. Unknown if adopted by any governing body or commission.Other Agency Plans
Outdoor Elmore: Blueways, Greenways, and Outdoor RecreationCreates a framework for outdoor recreation in Elmore County.Other Agency Plans
The Brook-Mill Village Neighborhood Revitalization PlanPlan prepared in 1999 by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission. Unknown if adopted by the planning commission or the city council.Other Agency Plans
Westside Wetumpka AnalysisA “neighborhood improvement program” prepared by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission in 1988. Unkown if adopted by the city council or the planning commission.Other Agency Plans
Wetumpka Development PlanGeneral guide for the development of Wetumpka prepared by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission in 1971. Unknown if adopted by the City Council or Planning Commission. Consists of four sections: historical and background information; inventory of data; plan for physical development; implementation package.Other Agency Plans
Wetumpka Development Plan UpdateUpdate to Wetumpka Development Plan prepared by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission in 1978. Unknown if adopted by city council or planning commission.Other Agency Plans
Wetumpka Downtown Enhancement GuideGuide for the improvement and future growth of downtown Wetumpka prepared by the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission, funded in part by the Alabama Historical Commission in 1995. Unknown if adopted by city council or planning commission.Other Agency Plans
Wetumpka Downtown Enhancement Guide (Final Draft)Final draft of downtown enhancement guide.Other Agency Plans


1995-3-14Includes preliminary approval of Crystal Creek Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1995-8-31Includes subdivision of tract “off Jasmine Hill Road.”Planning Minutes
1996-10-12Preliminary Approval for Bent Creek SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1996-11-18Includes approval of Lancaster Place SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1996-12-16Includes discussion of “Wetumpka Municipal Airport Height Zoning Ordinance.”Planning Minutes
1997-11-10Includes preliminary approval of Wellington Estates.Planning Minutes
1997-2-10Includes approval of subdivision for William Brown “off Highway 9,” final plat approval for Jasmine Hill Estates Plat No. 4.Planning Minutes
1997-3-10Includes discussion of Lancaster Plat 1-A and final plat for Martin Austin Estates.Planning Minutes
1997-4-14Includes final plat for Stone River Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1997-5-12Includes final plat of Huckleberry Hill Phase II, sketch plan for Eagle Creek, sketch plan for Cotton Lakes, sketch plan for Martin Estates “west of 231 North.”Planning Minutes
1997-7-14Includes final approval for North Creek Forest Phase II, preliminary approval of Cotton Lakes Plat Nos. 1 and 2, sketch plan for Lancaster Plat No. 2.Planning Minutes
1997-8-11Includes preliminary approval of Eagle Creek.Planning Minutes
1997-9-8 Planning Minutes
1998-01-12Includes River Oaks 4 and 5.Planning Minutes
1998-02-9Includes Autauga Street SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1998-03-9Includes Autauga Street SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1998-04-13Includes discussion of a “plat plan” and Longview Springs Subdivision proposal.Planning Minutes
1998-05-11 Planning Minutes
1998-06-8Includes final approval of plat submitted by Joe Fowler, final approval of River Oaks Subdivision Plat IV, and preliminary (?) approval of Longview Springs Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1998-07-13Includes final approval of Cotton Lakes Plats 1 and 2 and preliminary approval of an amendment to Eagle Creek Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1998-08-10 Planning Minutes
1998-09-14 Planning Minutes
1998-10-12Includes sketch plan approval for Twin Peaks Subdivision and discussion of First Street in North Wetumpka.Planning Minutes
1998-11-9Discussion of private road accessing 413 Wildwood Lane and preliminary approval of Twin Peaks Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1998-12-14Includes discussion of Huckleberry HIll Plat No. 3 (postponed) and discussion of proposed zoning ordinance.Planning Minutes
1999-02-1Includes final approval of Wellington Estates Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1999-02-8Includes sketch plan approval for Lancaster Place Phase II, final approval for plat amendment for Airey SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1999-03-8Includes public hearing for proposed zoning ordinance and preliminary approval of an unidentified subdivision located off of HWY 9.Planning Minutes
1999-04-12Includes preliminary approval of Lancaster Place Phase II and final approval of a plat amendment for lots on Osceola Street, and discussion of the proposed new zoning ordinance.Planning Minutes
1999-05-10Includes recommendation of proposed new zoning ordinance, preliminary approval of an amendment to Eagle Creek Plat No. 1, final approval of Twin Peaks Subdivision, and approval of site plans for Riverview Apartments Phases I and II.Planning Minutes
1999-07-12Includes denial of Lancaster Place Phase II and approval of plat amendment for River Oaks Phase IV.Planning Minutes
1999-10-11Includes final approval of Lancaster Place Phase II and subdivision of property at US 231 and Bell Street.Planning Minutes
Subdivision Review & Anaysis ChecklistChecklist used to review and analyze plat submissions.Planning Forms
Downtown & Riverfront Development PlanA vision and framework for incremental development to occur within the City’s downtown and nearby riverfront. Adopted by the Planning Commission in 2013.Active Plans and Regulations
Downtown and Riverfront Revitalization PlanBlueprint for revitalizing downtown and riverfront areas, building on previous planning efforts.Active Plans and Regulations
Drainage Easements in New DevelopmentsRequires that drainage easements shown on new plats be marked as being either “private” or specifying which government entity they are being dedicated to.Active Plans and Regulations
Subdivision RegulationsSubdivision Regulations for the City of Wetumpka, ALActive Plans and Regulations
US 231 Access Management Plan Active Plans and Regulations
Official Map of the Town of WetumpkaAdopted by the city council September 6, 1966.Inactive Plans and Regulations
Plan of the Town of Wetumpka (1831)Plat and plan of the town of Wetumpka prepared in 1831.Inactive Plans and Regulations
Quality Assurance of Subdivisions Inactive Plans and Regulations