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Council Agenda

City Council Meeting Live!


Council Meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

City Administrative Building, 408 S. Main St.



Citizens’ Comments (Ord. 2016-8)

Reports of:

  • Boards & Committee
  • Agenda Items


  • Call to Order   Mayor Willis
  • Invocation      
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Minutes-Council Meeting held August 7, 2023.


Old Business                                                                                              

  1. Approval to purchase ADA pads for ADA compliancy. (C. Brown)(second)


New Business

  1. 2023-2024 budget.
  2. Permission to purchase equipment and service from AT&T FirstNet for Public Works. (J. McGehee)(first)
  3. Resolution 2023-9-5-1, permission for Mayor to sign pre-application for 2024 Airport Improvement Project. (J. Creel)
  4. Permission to enter into agreement with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc., for engineering services for ALDOT Project No. STPMN-2619(262) for South Main Street improvements. (J. Barrett)
  5. Ordinance 2023-___, an Ordinance to restrict a portion of Hill Street for pedestrian access only.
  6. Permission for Jennifer Stewart to host Lemonade Stand Fundraiser at Gold Star Park on September 16, 2023.


Announcements & Adjourn