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New Residents

Welcome to the City of Wetumpka

If you are a New resident, to our city, welcome! You may have many questions about  city services. You may want to start by visiting the Wetumpka City Hall, located at 408 S. Main Street, or if you wish you may call at 334-567-5147.

Lawn mowing, trimming shrubs and limbs from trees and other yard management activities produce various kinds of debris. If you maintain your own lawn, you should place grass clippings or leaves, in boxes or bags (not to exceed 50 pounds) and place close to the edge of the pavement, or the curb, in front of your home. Limbs or other types of yard waste may not protrude into the street or sidewalk. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE DEBRIS IN THE GUTTERS OF CURBS. Debris placed in the gutters will wash into storm drain inlets during a heavy rain and may cause the street to flood.

From October 15th to April 15th, grass clippings and leaves may be placed near the pavement edge, or on top of the curb, without being bagged or boxed, but may not be swept or dumped in the gutters. During those months, the City of Wetumpka operates a vacuum leaf machine to pick up clippings or leaves. Limbs, branches, or other trimmings from trees may be picked up by a trash truck or chipped up so that it may be recycled for mulch.

Grass clippings that are discharged by lawn mowers, leaves raked or dumped onto the street, or curb and gutter, blocks storm drains and prohibit optimum flow. During hard rains, blocked storm drains back up water into the street. This causes flooding of streets and property. Ordinance 92-3 of the City of Wetumpka Code of Ordinances, section 62-10, says “It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, cast or otherwise deposit or cause to be thrown, cast or otherwise deposited any paper, garbage, rubbish, containers (either glass, metal, or paper), grass, leaves, or other substance of any kind in or upon any curb, gutter, street, avenue, highway, tunnel, sidewalk, park, parkway or lot (vacant or occupied), except as permitted by other city ordinances.” Debris placed in the gutters will wash into storm drain inlets during a heavy rain and may cause streets to flood.

The City of Wetumpka does not pick up household garbage. Trash, such as discarded appliances  limbs, and other types of yard debris are picked up on a regular schedule. Trash pick up schedule; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Route times are from 7:00 a.m until 3:00 p.m.  Recycling route schedule; Thursday from 7:00 a.m until noon in all locations. Inquiries may be made to the Public Works Director by calling 334-567-1328.

Lawn or Tree maintenance business are required to purchase a business license from the Revenue Officer at City Hall. If you hire an individual, or a business, to cut your yard, trim hedges or cut trees etc., the contractor will be responsible for removing the debris from your yard. They must also purchase a landfill permit in order to deposit trees, limbs, grass clippings, or other types of yard debris into the City of Wetumpka Landfill. Landfill permits may be purchased at City Hall. The phone number is 334-567-5147.

Animals that have been killed on the road should be reported to the City of Wetumpka Public Works, so it can be picked up as soon as possible. The phone number is 334-567-1328. Animal carcasses are not accepted at the landfill. Injured animals should be reported to Chief Animal Control Officer, at 334-850-1806.

Every property owner whether residence or business within the City of Wetumpka is required by ordinances 92-3 and 96-6 to purchase and maintain a sufficient number of approved trash receptacles. Set up service through Advanced Disposal at 1-866-252-0458. Advanced Disposal has provided the City with a listing of residents who have not yet established service. If you have not established service by the end of January you will receive a 2nd notice. If you do not establish service you will be in violation of city ordinance, and subject to fine.

The City of Wetumpka does not maintain or have jurisdiction in Fort Toulouse. If you have comments or complaints you should direct them to Jim Parker at 334-567-3002.

“Traffic control devices (signs) or their supports (post) shall not bear any advertising message or any other message that is not related to traffic control.” MUTCD 2000 section 1A.01. (this includes YARD SALE advertisements)  PLEASE, DO NOT PLACE LOST ANIMAL NOTICES, YARD SALE NOTICES OR ANY OTHER TYPES OF MESSAGES ON ANY SIGN OR SIGN SUPPORT !   “Signs, markers and advertising on the rights of way of state controlled highways are prohibited except those official signs or markers placed thereon by the State Department of Transportation or under its authority.” Code of Alabama section 23-1-6. (this includes YARD SALE advertisements, LOST ANIMAL(S)  notices.)