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Local Attractions

Local Attractions

Experience the rich history and scenic beauty of Wetumpka including sites such
as Fort Toulouse/Jackson State Park,  the 80 million year old Wetumpka Impact Crater, the Coosa River, historic downtown, historic churches, outdoor activities such as white water sports and mountain biking and special events like Christmas on the Coosa and Riverfest. Opportunities abound to enjoy the “City of Natural Beauty”.

The Coosa River

Wetumpka Impact Crater

Wetumpka, Alabama sits right on the bull’s eye of the greatest natural disaster in Alabama’s history. The hills just east of downtown are the eroded remains of a five-mile-wide impact crater that was blasted into the bedrock of what is now Elmore County. The mighty blast occurred near the end of the “Age of Dinosaurs,” about 84.4 million years ago. All around the semi-circular pattern of hills that make up the remaining rim of the crater, the hard rocks of the Piedmont are bent sharply and point away from the center of the impact. The normally horizontal layers of more recent surface rocks are mixed in and around the crater suggesting an incredible explosiuon that would have destroyed all life in a radius of many miles.Each year, the City of Wetumpka sponsors a lecture and crater tours for the public to tour the sites which are predominantley located on private propery.

For more information on these tours please call 334-567-5147.

Ft. Toulouse - Jackson Park

Black History Museum

The Elmore County Black History Museum is housed in the remaining structure of the former Elmore County Training School which was built in 1925.  The portion of the school that remains is located at 202 Lancaster Street (across from Goodman’s Funeral Home) in Wetumpka, Alabama and houses history of the Black communities in Elmore County. Built for Black students in the days of segregation, the school was abandoned in the 60’s when the Board of Education transferred students to other schools under a decree to integrate educational facilities. The creation of the museum was the result of efforts by former Mayor, the late Jeanette Barrett and Black community leaders.  The facility allows visitors to examine the collective ingenuity, creativity, cultural, and political expressions of Elmore County’s Black community.  The museum’s permanent collections focus on the histories of Elmore County families, their communities, schools and churches.  Also on display is a mirror owned by Joe Louis, a famous boxer from Alabama.

For hours of operation and tour information call 334-567-5109
Mailing address:
Elmore County Black History Museum
P. O. Box 713
Wetumpka, Al  36092

Wetumpka Depot Players

Elmore County Museum

112 S. Main St.
Wetumpka, AL

Wetumpka, ALThe Elmore County Museum offers a glimse of the Elmore County history and houses pieces of historical data and local artifacts from the Civil War era and historical events.

For more information contact the Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce at 334-567-4811

Jasmine Hill Gardens

Alabama River Regions Art Center

Wind Creek Wetumpka Casino and Hotel