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  • Wetumpka Sports Complex
    Welcome to the Wetumpka Sports ComplexWetumpka Sports Complex. We have a close-knit, well-balanced grouping of out-door games and facility offering a wide range of activities which include: catch and release fishing ponds, archery range, baseball fields, softball fields and a state-of-the-art football stadium featuring a college level track. We also have several soccer fields and tennis courts in the works.
  • Alabama Youth Soccer Organization Academy
    The AYSO Academy program is very similar to the AYSO Core program. The major difference between an Academy and the normal AYSO structure is there are no fixed teams under an Academy system. Instead the Academy train altogether but divided into groups of players of the same ability, which normally aligns with players actual age, however it also allows players to train at the most appropriate ability. It also means an individual player can move between groups to best meet their needs as they develop.
  • Wetumpka Youth Baseball & Softball League
    The WYL offers the opportunity for boys and girls in the Wetumpka area to play baseball and softball. Be sure to visit the official Facebook page for the Wetumpka Youth League by using the following link: Wetumpka Youth League. The Facebook page is intended on being used as a forum or platform for parents, coaches, and fans. For a list of board members, updates, teams and scores please make sure to visit the official league website.
  • Wetumpka Youth Football & Cheerleader League
    Last registration event this Wednesday. Come on out all Cheerleaders and Football players!! May 26, 2021

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